Monday, May 8, 2017

Absolutely beautiful view of Cape San Antonio

Restaurant Mena

My first paella in Spain! It was ok. Not as good as my Cuba experience with paella.

Looking south, walking the rambla

Looking back on Denia

I saw a guy swimming open water across the bay. He says he swims there all year!

The rambla for 6km along the water

Old Denia castle

Looking south from Denia

The landmass is a national park. I can actually walk 3.5 hours over the park to Javia. But instead, tomorrow I am headed to Altea by bus. Then tomorrow night, I am bussing it to Javea from Altea.

Ferry boat to Ibiza and Mallorca


I made it to Denia from Valencia by bus, 2.5 hrs. Beautiful town. The ferry goes to Ibiza and Mallorca from here. I walked the water front rambla 6km to Restaurant Mena today. The water is 18 Celcius right now. The best time to swim is Sept to Nov.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Master bedroom with changing lights!

Ornate rooms!

Checking out rooms to rent

Back in Valencia

The soccer stadium

Monastic Cell at Hospedelario San Martin

Small rooms where monastics lived

Santiago Catederal

D61: Santiago

Day 58: Before Lalin

New waymarkers for the Camino Invierno, and later for the Camino de la Plata

D57: Ascending the mountain

It was gradual. Coming back down was a major drop off.

Day 57: On Way to Robiero

There is a mountain to climb before Robiero. This mountain is suppose to be in the heart of Galicia, where supposedly you can see every deputacion of the province.