Friday, April 28, 2017

D56: Amazing Roman Trellacing

D56: At River Level

D56: Looking down onto River Mimi

Day 56: On Way to Chantada

This is a 1200ft sharp descent and then ascent. The River Mimi runs through. The entire sides are trellaced withwine grapes, left over from the Roman's work. The descent is along an old Roman road. The area is breathtakingly beautiful.

D55: Statue of a Pilgrim

It was actually windy that day, so appropriate the pilgrim was holding onto his hat.

D55: Yellow flowers near Montforte

D55: Pilgrim statue outside Monteforte

Even though the pilgrim is headed in the actual direction of Santiago, I misread my kml files and started heading in a different direction. Some car honked at me.

Day 55: Another view of Fort on the Mountain

D54: Monteforte de Lemos

It was a 34km+ day, so a little tired when I arrived. A kind gentleman invited me into his place for wine, but I was way too tired to oblige him. He did show me a shortcut through the train depot to the Pension Galicia.

D54: Cargo Train

Day 54: On the way to Monteforte de Lemos

Much of the route hugs these little used highways

D53: Many gardens along route

Day 53: Crossing mountains to Quiroga

D52: Welcome to Galicia, home of Pulpo!

D52: Picturesque Homes on Sil, before A Rua

D52: Slate Marker in way to A Rua

Day 52: Slate processing plant

D51: Marker on slate

Day 51: O Barco

Pleasant town along River Sil

Saturday, April 22, 2017

D50: California poppies!?

Day 50: Leaving Las Medulas and reaching Querenos

D49: Camino de Invierno Route

D49: Camino de Invierno Distance Segments

D49: Castle on hill

D49: interesting pathwork

D49: Flowers of Spring

Day 49: Start of Camino Invierno

An exercise in Masochism. The terrain is either a steep slope going up or down. I should have researched this better.

This route was alegedly used to Santiago as less snow during winter. However, less snow doesnt translate into less elevation gain as I discovered.

D48: Heading twd Galicia

D48: Mountains with snow

Day 48: Iron Cross on top of mountain

This is where I am finally hitting the mountains since walking on flat lands since Avila. The mountains of Galicia lay ahead.

Day 47: Staying at Albergue Confranternity English

D46: Easter Parade

D46: Music and effagies of Mary, Jesus

D46: Easter Sunday Procession in Astorga

Day 46: Astorga

Making it to the Camino Frances

Day 45: New Shoes

Thursday, April 13, 2017

D42: Navy Maritimers in the town Ajila del Infantada

In the middle of Spain, maritimers have a dedication anchor.

D42: Pleasant River

D42: On route to Astorga

Day 41: On the way to Astorga

Strange buildings built into the ground

Day 41: Entering Benavente via the Iron Bridge

The train use to run across this bridge. Now it is a Camino alternate route to Benavente. The "iron bridge" is subject of dispute as some in Benavente want to put a road through this route. Others want to retain its natural beauty.

Day 40: Bus between Zamora and route

My hiking shoes had a blow out. So I had to take the bus back to Zamora to get new shoes. These new shoes would promptly chew my feet up.

D38: My Sellio Credentiales

D38: A hot day of Spain

D38: Rote 66 a la Spain