Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Miguel Angèl and me Drinking Belgica Beer in Valencia

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice from Valencia!

Dressage and curbing (in Jerez)

While it appears beautiful, the horses are pranced around in uncomfortable positions. Much of it seems to show animal tricks or man's dominance over horses. I don't think Buck would approve.

Saying Goodbye in Madrid

Dog with boots on

Valencia Catedral

Valencia is very beautiful! The Fallas Festival Starts in 2 weeks

Front Entrance of Museum

Ornate, stunningly beautiful

Museum of Ceramic Arts

Very beautiful rock

Delicious White Fish

Old Roman Ruins

paella cooking

Nomadic travelors from Northern Europe

Todd and Maya

Maya taking a break from swimming

Chinese abound in Spain

It is a destination country for Chinese to emigrate

A view of the Mediterranean

Almunecar, Costa del Sol

Maya's Tatoo

We joked a lot with Maya during the trip that we were going to get a tatoo together, a customary bond of travelers

Spanish Omlette for breakfast


The day after arriving to Malaga from Jerez, we took a bus to Almunecar on Costa del Sol. The city center of Malaga is very nice. The outskirts are littered with tall apartment buildings along the coast. About 30% of Malaga residents are foreignors. Along the coast it is 60% foreignors. Most foreignors dont interact with the Spaniard on a frienship level. Some of it is by choice, language annd culture.

Malaga Streets

Maya Opens Door of Malaga Pension

Mormon Missionaries in Spain

Happy Todd and Maya

Horses in circle

Horses in line

Inside Auditorium

Where the King sits

Royal School for the Equestrian Art

Stork in Tree

Stadium for Horse Show

Leather Worker

The Spanish King

Flag of Andalucia and Spain

Andulucian breed

Non PC Indians Entertaining the school kids

Some special breed of horse

I was dressed in Andalucian indian war paint

The stork, a familiar site in Spain

Name of Equestrian School

Jerez...Maya in line

Train Depot in Jerez

We took the train from Cadiz to Jerez to see the horses

Sunset in Cadiz

The city has very natural beaches with waves for surfing. The winds can get pretty crazy here though.